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Fiber to the Home Task Force To Host Meeting for HOA Representatives

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bill Crabtree Telephone: 919-435-9421 Email:   FIBER TO THE HOME TASK FORCE TO HOST MEETING OF WAKE FOREST HOA REPRESENTATIVES WAKE FOREST, NC – April 22, 2014 – The task force attempting to deliver high speed broadband Internet service to Wake Forest is inviting Wake Forest neighborhood and homeowners association (HOA) representatives to a special information session on Monday, May 12. The meeting will be held from 6-7 p.m. at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St. The information session is designed to educate HOA members about the current installation of an ultra high speed fiber network throughout Wake Forest. Discussions at the meeting will cover a range of topics, including the benefits and potential Read more [...]

Win a RST Fiber T-shirt!

Thanks to the folks at RST Fiber, we’ve obtained some long sleeve RST Fiber shirts to give away. To win one of these shirts, fill out the question below, and the best answer will win a free shirt. Survey ends 5/30/14.





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Examples of technologies that are possible with RST Fiber in Wake Forest

I’ll admit, I grabbed this video from YouTube, it was put together by the National Broadband Network initiative in Australia to demonstrate what is possible with the use of fiber optics to the home. From this video you will see examples of Tele-medicine, Online collaboration, smart home management, video conferencing, all using just a small portion of available bandwidth to your home.



  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bill Crabtree Telephone: 919-435-9421 Email:   Gigabit FIBER PROJECT UNDERWAY in wake forest WAKE FOREST, NC – April 15, 2014 – An initiative expected to earn Wake Forest the distinction as the Triangle’s “first gigabit community” got underway this morning on Wait Avenue. At approximately 9:30 a.m. crews from RST Fiber began installing the fiber network that will allow beta testing in strategic areas around town. If all goes well the next step will be to provide gigabit Internet service (1,000 MB per second) to Wake Forest homes and businesses, possibly as early as this summer. In addition to being fast, this next generation high-speed Internet service is also extremely reliable. “Whereas current Internet Read more [...]

Wake Forest, NC Conducting ‘Fiber to the Home’ Survey

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bill Crabtree Telephone: 919-435-9421 Email:   WAKE FOREST CONDUCTING ‘FIBER TO THE HOME’ SURVEY   WAKE FOREST, NC – April 8, 2014 – In February the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners appointed a task force comprised of communications and computer business industry leaders to advise the town on how to bring an ultra high-speed fiber broadband network to Wake Forest homes and businesses. In an effort to gauge the community’s interest in fiber service, the task force is conducting a ‘Fiber to the Home’ survey. The questionnaire is available at through Saturday, May 31, and takes less than five minutes to complete. For more information, contact Read more [...]

Wake Forest, NC to become Triangle’s first gigabit town? RST Fiber thinks so.

It's not often that a small town leads in innovative, glass-cutting connectivity and technology, but soon Wake Forest may able to hold a candle next to cities like Kansas City, Austin, TX and Omaha, NE. On Monday, and Tuesday, RST Fiber paid a visit to Wake Forest, and they came with a BANG. Monday and Tuesday consisted of surveying by one of RST Geo's mobile LIDAR vehicles (Lidar is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light) piloted by Seth Harrelson and Jon Owen. This vehicle allows RST to take a job that usually takes weeks or months, into a day or 2 by driving along our roads, while accurately (within +/-2 centimeters) mapping the terrain in real time and creating a database which can be imported Read more [...]

Google Fiber meets w/ City of Raleigh for the 3rd time

As reported in Triangle Biz Journals, Three. That’s how many meetings the City of Raleigh has had with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) about its ultra high-speed internet, Google Fiber, either via conference call or in-person, since Google announced it was considering the Triangle for the service. “Last Friday, our meeting was on-site,” says Gail Roper, CIO for the City of Raleigh. And the theme? Digital inclusion. “I think if you took all 34 of the cities that they are looking at today through this assessment process, I think you’ll find the same kinds of things,” she says. More at: Read more [...]

Holding Village to become 2nd Centurylink FTTH community in Wake Forest

We received word today, that the 2nd Centurylink fiber to the home project will be Wake Forest's next planned community, "Holding Village" off the 98 bypass. We will continue to provide more information as it becomes available. As always it's great to see Centurylink investing in a FTTH network in Wake Forest, we just wish they would do something for the people who have Centurylink's aging DSL services, which offer a sub-standard level of reliability. Read more [...]

RST Fiber files with FCC for Rural Broadband Pilot

Wake Forest Fiber have obtained a recent FCC filing from RST Fiber, where they hope to expand their FTTH and wireless broadband to rural area's via the FCC Rural Broadband Pilot program that will allocate CAF funds to help finance rural build outs. Nothing earth shattering found in the document, the usual reference to 802.11ac, and FTTH using Cisco's latest 100GB gear, but one thing did catch my attention. In the FCC filing, RST makes a reference to a product they'd like to offer, "IPTV", in which they would like to deliver uncompressed 4K HDTV, which takes a minimum of 600mbps to deliver. They would also like to offer on demand movies and programming. We continue to watch RST Fiber to change the state of broadband in NC, it would be really great to see a 3rd party provider shake up Read more [...]

Would you like to be in a movie about the fiber movement in the Triangle, #FiberedUp?

Movie producer "Everest Live" will be in the general area soon, shooting a new documentary film called "#FiberedUp". The film was inspired by Google Fiber's announcement in the area, and will feature each of the town's covered in the Triangle announcement. We here at Wake Forest Fiber have reached out to the producer, and we will be filming bits and pieces for the film here in Wake Forest. If you are interested in being in the film, we are looking for a few things... We would like someone to go on camera and tell your story, for example... Who is your current internet provider? What complaints do you have about them? What kindof speeds are you getting now? Do you notice streaming video services buffer a lot? What kind of speeds would you like to have? Are you generally interested Read more [...]

Read Interview with Wake Forest Fiber’s, Dan Holt in April Broadband Communities Magazine

For those who would like a little backstory on the Wake Forest Fiber (...Optic to the Home) Initiative, I was interviewed by Broadband Communities Magazine, which is... For all intensive purposes, a national magazine for fiber optic internet vendors and providers, for a 2 page story on the Who/What/Where/Why of our cause. It's a great read, especially for those of you around town that are fed up with the local incumbent providers. We will be featured in the upcoming March/April edition. The digital edition is free, and available here: (By the way, we are on pages 26 and 27 for those who want to skip ahead). If you would like a physical (glossy) magazine, feel free to reach out to me at Special thank you to Masha Zager Read more [...]

Tip: CenturyLink are offering 100mbps down/50mbps up FTTH in Traditions of Wake Forest

We received a tip from a resident of Wake Forest's only Fiber to the Home community, Traditions of Heritage Wake Forest that they are now being offered 100mbps down/50mbps up from Centurylink. While this is certainly great news for the residents in Traditions, Centurylink has advised us of a strict greenfield policy in Wake Forest, meaning they will not overbuild their existing copper plant, with fiber, and will instead only be laying fiber in new community developments.       Read more [...]

[Update: yes it is] To be clear, RSTFiber is not gigabit FTTH, it’s cell tower mounted 802.11ac

Before you all get your wallets and shovels out to take advantage of the triangles first gigabit broadband provider, a quick listen to Craig Settles Gigabit Nation [available here] revels that RST’s expansion into Raleigh will not be a land line fiber to the home solution. Instead, they will be installing 802.11ac radios on cell towers which will beam gigabit speeds in theory up to 2 miles. We here at Wake Forest Fiber have 2 LTE towers less than 1 mile on each side of the office, and can’t seem to get more than 10mbps out of our phones, so we really hope this new wireless technology can deliver as promised en masse, or die trying. We are also keeping an ear out for any news that may result in RST running actual fiber to homes, and will report when we find out. For more reading, we’ve Read more [...]