Low-Tech Solutions for High-Stakes Problems

Low-Tech Solutions for High-Stakes Problems

iPhone Microscope 

A $9 circular glass focal point taped to an iPhone camera gave Toronto General Hospital internist Isaac Bogoch with a field magnifying instrument to analyze parasitic diseases in Tanzania. A feces test on a slide is lit up with a dollar-store electric lamp; the basic setup gives no less than 50x amplification — enough to spot numerous parasites. 

Bogoch's 2013 Tanzania think about is proof-of-idea that promptly accessible cell phones can be sent as medicinal instruments. Also, there's a reward: Inexperienced clinicians uncertain of a finding can get a moment conclusion by tweeting the photograph to partners. 

Evocam Endoscope 

This basic camera and light source permit conclusion and treatment of vesicovaginal fistula, an entanglement of labor among more than 2 million ladies in the creating scene and basic in sub-Saharan Africa, that outcomes in a conceivably destructive opening between the bladder and vagina. 

A conventional endoscope — an adaptable fiber-optic tube used to peer inside the body — costs as much as $70,000 and must be connected to. San Francisco biomedical architect Moshe Zilversmit's Evocam costs under $2,500 and keeps running off a battery-fueled portable PC. 

RHU/Ikea Refugee Housing 

In Ethiopia, 20 Somalian evacuee families have been living in these houses since August, models of a lightweight, solid, protecting safe house created by the Swedish outline group Refugee Housing Unit and financed by the Ikea Foundation. 

Traditional displaced person tents permit little protection around evening time when lights from inside cast shadows, yet these units utilize a novel polymer that lets in daylight and squares shadows. Two individuals can convey one asylum unit — advantageously confined Ikea-enlivened level pressing. 

What's more, with a normal life expectancy of over three years — six times longer than customary outcast tents — these houses may out-survive the emergency, in which case they're intended to be dismantled and remade on the more changeless ground.

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